“Well, I doubt that you came across good playing. There are very few really good players. It's not so much that it requires physical co-ordination—a multi-bank piano requires more, for instance—as a certain type of free-wheeling mentality. ” In a lower voice, “That's why our living skeleton there might be better than we think. More often than not, good players are idiots otherwise.
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Her eyes were riveted on my face. Her voice was a stretched whisper of agony. «Carmen! Merciful God, Carmen! . Why?» «Do I really have to tell you why she shot at me?»
Investigation brought out the fact that before attacking the offices of Daitzelman, a big Moscow merchant, the mob was directed by shouts: "Let us go to Daitzelman; there is a lot to be gotten there. Daitzelman, who was beloved by his Russian laborers, and that of other Jews, was not prompted by revenge, but by mere purposeless savagery.

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